Angler Of The Month

Angler Of The Month


Andres Pabon

While we haven't known Andres an extremely long time, I knew right away that he was someone that is set apart from other anglers. Growing up in Connecticut fishing with his dad and uncle since he was 8 years old, Andres started his journey at a young age, like most. Difference being, Andres learned how to fish with a beer can and fishing line. There was no "hand me down" spinning rods for this kid. After many years fishing, Pabon made the jump into big baits 5 years ago. I can still remember his first F5. He picked up a prototype Departure travel rod. At one point or another he had broken the tip off. At the first ever Swimbait Universe "The Gathering" in Toano VA, a close friend of his Jordan Herrington, stopped by the both to see if we could get the rod fixed for him as it was one of his favorites. This is where the relationship with Andres and F5 was curated. Sent Jordan home with a brand new Departure for Pabon to put to good use. Since then Andres and I have stayed in good contact while we have followed his journey. In December of 2019 Pabon and his significant other made the decision to move South out of the cold North East. Not only was this a fantastic choice for his family, but has excelled his passion for fishing big baits to the moon. We selected Andres as our Angler of the Month of May 2021 based on his dedication to his family, fishing, and the community as a whole. I have witnessed Andres giving terrific advice on the internet forums and Facebook pages, while also putting in his own work on the water. Jump on instagram and give Andres a look. Follow him, you're guaranteed to see some incredible footage of GIANT bass out of a tiny little 2 man boat.

As always fresh new hat compliments of F5 Custom Rods headed out to Andres for his accomplishments on and off the water!


  • Bawse

    Big dre hammering em day or night

  • J-Flesh

    Congrats on this recognition Andres! I cannot think of a harder working or more deserving Trophy Bass Hunter.You put in the work, and You inspire others along your Journey. Wishing you all the best as you continue to chase those Giants with The best Rods for the job!

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