Angler Of The Month June 2021

Angler Of The Month June 2021


Johnny Ellis

We all know him, and we all love him. The role model of all other role models across this entire community. I have personally known this man for quite a few years now, and one thing I can always count on is Johnny being real, honest, and endlessly generous. Not only to our company, but anyone and everyone he comes in contact with in our little niche world. The knowledge this man holds is indescribable. We all have those days of hang ups, break offs, and skunks. He doesn't seem to have a metaphorical kryptonite on the water. Growing up soaking in everything he knows about angling from his Dad, fishing from a jon boat, and learning lessons on a life that wasn't always easy. Perseverance is an understated quality that Johnny holds. Growing up under the thumb of low income and addiction, to see where faith in God and hard work will lift you up to, Mr. Ellis is a walking inspiration. I couldn't in an entire lifetime be able to thank Johnny enough for his friendship and guidance. The guy is just genuine. So once again Johnny, THANK YOU for being you. All the love!


We are sending Johnny the complimentary hat that goes along with this months Angler of the Month, yes we know we are incredibly late as its half way through the month.  The shop has been buzzing with orders going out non-stop. If you get a chance give Mr. Ellis a follow on instagram, you'll see some pretty crazy boat flips of big fish.



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  • Jon Holder

    Man, So well deserved! I’m really glad to see the right person be recognized not because of political pull in way or another or because he knows a guy who knows a guy, but because Johnny is exactly what you said. I don’t even know him, and he went out of his way to buy me a bait on good faith that I’d repay him a couple yrs ago. Solid dude absolutely! Congrats if you see this Johnny.

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